Heat resistant lacquers which retain their colours even at 800°C.
Product made of high quality silicone resins. Application: automotive: mufflers, motors, industry: chimneys, furnaces, home: fireplaces, stoves, radiators, boilers.

Notice. Do not use primers previously. Do not cover any coating on the top.
Best result when applied at 15-25°C.

Silver colour is resistant up to 800°C
Anthracite, red, white, black and clear are resistant up to 300°C
Very good covering
Short drying time: 20-30 min
Touch dry: 1-2 h; After 1-2 h you need to warm it up till 160°C to make it hardened
Efficiency 1,5-2 m² depending on colour and type of surface by one application
Weather conditions resistance
Variety of colours, offer of 6 the most common colours
For indoor and outdoor use
Capacity 400 ml

High Temperature Red

High Temperature Anthracite

High Temperature Black

High Temperature Aluminium

High Temperature White

High Temperature Clear

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