Coating adhesion increasing primer for such plastic surfaces as PUR, PS, PA, EPDM, ABS, GfK, Hart – PCV etc. Possibility of direct application under top layer (enamel/lacquer). Possibility of direct application under primed layer (primers)
If you want to use primer previously, apply Plastic Primer first, use Anticorrosive Primer / Acryl Primer 1K as a second layer, then e.g. Decoration at the end,
as final layer.

Notice. Best result when applied at 15-25°C.

Short drying time: up to 5 min
Efficiency 6 m² by one application
Compatible with all paint systems (alkyd, acrylic, nitro-combination) water and solvent based
For indoor and outdoor use
Capacity 400 ml

RAL 0000 Transparent