Product for protection of car’s body parts, such as front and back belt, thresholds, spoilers, mudguards, doors. Used for spot repairs damaged coatings, after body repair works.

Notice. When dry, you can apply other coatings

Very good adhesion to smooth surfaces, previously primed and painted.
Compatible with all paint systems (alkyd, acrylic, nitro-combination) water and solvent based
Creates strong, flexible coating with fine-grained structure – does not drip
Protects against corrosion
Protects against mechanical factors
Protects against adverse factors (water, salt)
Faster drying time up to 10 minutes !
Touch dry: 15-25 min; Hardened: 6 h
Efficiency 3 m² depending on type of surface by one application
Anticorrosive and waterproof properties
Resistant to bad weather conditions
Capacity 500 ml aerosol

RAL 9005 Black