High quality acrylic water-based lacquer. Perfect fits for use directly on styrofoam
and for painting surfaces made of metal, wood, ceramics, glass, wicker, cardboard, fabrics, fresh and artificial flowers, and some plastics. Lacquer without aggressive odor, environmentally and human friendly.

Product dedicated for artists and decorators. Wide range of application hobby and professional works: at home, garden, automotive and industry.

Notice. For surfaces made of PUR, PS, PA, EPDM, ABS, GfK, Hart – PCV use Plastic Primer DECO COLOR previously. Best result when applied at 15-25°C.

Special, high covering of painted surface
Intensity of colours
Short drying time: 20-30 min
Touch dry: 60 min; Hardened: after 24 h
All the adjusts can be done up to 20 min
Water resistance is achieved after 5-6 days
Efficiency 1,5-2 m² depending on colour and type of surface by one application
Hard acrylic coating resistant to abrasion and mechanical damages
Variety of colours: 28 most popular colours in RAL system
For indoor and outdoor use
Capacity 400 ml

RAL 1015 Ivory

RAL 1023 Yellow

RAL 1028 Yellow Melon

RAL 2004 Orange

RAL 3000 Red Fire

RAL 3003 Red Deep

RAL 3004 Red Purple

RAL 3020 Red

RAL 4003 Pink

RAL 4005 Violet

RAL 4006 Fuchsia

RAL 5002 Blue Navy

RAL 5003 Blue Sapphire

RAL 5010 Blue Dark

RAL 5015 Blue

RAL 5021 Turquoise

RAL 6005 Green Dark

RAL 6018 Green Light

RAL 6029 Green

RAL 7001 Grey

RAL 7016 Anthracite

RAL 8011 Brown Nut

RAL 8017 Brown Chocolate

RAL 9005 Black

RAL 9005 Black Flat

RAL 9010 White

RAL 9010 White Flat

RAL 0000 Transparent

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