Anti-reflective paint used as well to military camouflage, as to renovate military equipment. Wide range of application in masking on hunting, but most of all to mask the equipment in very popular ASG games like MilSim.

Military simulations also known informally as war games is a military action organized by civilians, as a form of outdoor recreation. The most popular forms of MilSim are extended variety of paintball games and airsoft. During such games replicas of weapons are used, the most common is Air Soft Gun or (less) paintball guns or LaserTag (especially in countries where the law forbids usage of airsoft replicas). New line of Military Paint fulfill expectations of hobbyists.

Due to specially selected colours of Military Paint you are able to make a professional camouflage of your military equipment or make its renovation.

Camouflage system of MILITARY PAINT 3 in 1:
 1. anticorrosive protection of painted surface
 2. paints in 11 most common colours
 3. external factors protection

Notice: Paint is compatible with all paint systems (alkyd, acryl, nitro-combination) water and solvent based.

High adhesive
Short drying time up to 8 minutes!
Touch dry: 15-20 min; Hardened: 10-14 h
Efficiency 1,5-2 m² depending on colour and type of surface by one application
Matt finish of painted surface
Variety of 11 most common colours of military camouflage
For indoor and outdoor use
Capacity 400 ml

Ral 1001 Sand Khaki

Ral 1019 Desert Storm

Ral 6003 Olive Green

Ral 6014 Olive Drap

Ral 6031 Forest Green

Ral 7013 Brown Uniform

Ral 7016 Anthracite

Ral 7038 Grey

Ral 8027 Mud Brown

Ral 9010 Flat White

Ral 9021 Flat Black

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