Product for anticorrosive protection of all hollow spaces such as doors, thresholds, flaps racks, or engine lids. Used for water engines, motorboat parts, yachts, scooters, industrial machines, household appliances, to protect agains corrosion of metals and steel dring storage and transport. Improves standard maintenance. Good suplement for protection after car’s body repair and painting.

Notice. Apply to difficult spots using soft aplicator attached to the product. Suitable length (40cm) and special spray head, allows perfect application, and penetration in the slots of hollow spaces.

Wax based
Creates highly adhesive, waterproof and elastic film in yellow colour
Connects to rust, displaces it and stops corrosion from inside
Stops corrosion proces
Excellent penetrating properties
Effectively displaces water and moisture
Short drying time up to 30 minutes
Efficiency 3 m² depending on type of surface by one application
Heat resistance up to 80°C
Capacity 500 ml aerosol

Movicar Yellow